Mani Maserrat Agah


Mani Maserrat Agah is a film director and producer who was born in Iran in 1975 and moved to Sweden at 13 years of age. In his twenties, Maserrat decided to leave his studies in economics and take up film studies instead. His most known work is the comedy-drama Ciao Bella, which tells the story of an immigrant boy who pretends to be Italian in order to find himself a girlfriend.


Masserat’s latest film, Us (Vi), was completed in 2013 and is part of Season Film Festival’s programme. The director will be present at the post-screening Q&A events. Us is a portrait of a passionate relationship, consisting of a pair that fluctuates in the chaotic middle ground of physical attraction and possessiveness. The leading roles are played by Gustaf Skarsgård and Anna Åström.