Bigger Picture: Finnish Short Films



Tatu Pohjavirta & Aki Viikilä
(Animation, 4 min. No dialogue)


If you are not like everybody else, you might have to dive deeper to find friends.



Kirsikka Saari & Jenni Toivoniemi
(Fiction, 13 min. In Finnish, English subtitles)


Sometimes you have to pretend a little to make other people see you.


Superhero’s Daughter

Sara Aaltonen
(Documentary, 12 min. In Finnish, English subtitles)


I’ve never been bitter or angry, I’ve always seen my father as a superhero.


The Table is Set

Anni Oja, Sini Pietiläinen, Taru Riskilä, Markus Tervola, Nuppu Nykyri, Miira Tonteri
(Animation, 5 min. No dialogue)


Unsuspecting servant faces unforeseen challenges in upstairs and downstairs.



Naima Mohamud
(Fiction, 20 min. In Finnish, English subtitles)


Fatima is a 9-year-old girl who overhears her mother and father talking about divorce. When Milla, her best friend, finds out about Fatima’s fears, she comes up with great ideas. The most important thing is to get Fatima’s parents to fall in love again, by any means necessary. Fatima is a film about a friendship that conquers all fears.


Total duration ca. 54 min. Age limit: 7